Audio Time Capsule

Listen to Your Loved Ones Forever

Preserve the wisdom and the lessons of a life well lived.

Personalized questions to bring out great stories & memories.

Family values and hopes kept forever.

A variety of packages available to capture and archive your loved one’s voice in a personalized manner.

How Audio Time Capsule Works

We will choose a location to record that is convenient and comfortable for an engaging discussion. Then, the process begins as a conversation with your loved one, discovering who they are, learning about life, love, and family. This dialogue will be captured and produced using high-quality tools to maintain the subtle nuances and special qualities of their voice and laugh. Afterwards, you will receive a master audio CD and/or a USB drive with the audio file for digital archive and sharing with family.

A second version can also be done as a gift, collecting stories and wishes from friends, putting it together and giving it to a person or couple. Anniversaries, weddings, celebrations are perfect occasions.

What You Get

A 90 minute recorded interview, edited to preserve the best moments and stories. (Approx 30 minutes once finished.) The interviewer’s voice will be removed as much as possible to allow the messages to be generated by your loved one. The final recording will be interwoven with nostalgic music to complement the meaningful story and personalized time capsule.


My mother remains a very positive person, inspiring all of us. Thank you for this audio time capsule. This project of yours will grow and grow. Your interview sensitivity and questioning with the supportive musical background is very emotional. Thank you for this rare treasure. Mom enjoyed the experience. We listened to it with her; we laughed, and cried and learned a few new details. Bravo! So well done.!

Marilyn Whitehead

The audio time capsule was amazingly brilliant. Thanks so much! Not many dry eyes around – my parents were delighted with it, and my sibs and I equally pleased. We will all cherish this for a long time. For me especially, being so far from home, this is such a nice treat. Having access to these kind words from my parents is priceless.

Luc Bussière

I can’t thank you enough for the fabulous job you did on my Mom’s audio time capsule! It was so touching. Your artistry and creativity are amazing as you wove beautiful music throughout. We feel blessed to have it.

Lorelei Lichtenwald

I got to hear the beautiful audio time capsule you put together. Wow! What an incredible keepsake. The impact is beyone measure. Thank you for sharing your talents with our family. My Amma is one of the most special people in my life, and I will always be grateful to you for capturing her spirit to keep forever.

Kristin Siba

On behalf of our entire family, I want to thank-you so much for creating such an amazing Audio Time Capsule. Your work is meticulous and well thought out. The various music selections is a great touch and so appropriate, both to the people who shared comments, and to the preference of our parents. Mom and Dad are going to LOVE this and cherish it for many years. We are so fortunate to know someone so incredibly talented to help us with this great gift idea. 🙂

Ian, Michelle, Courtney and Carly Craig

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