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Samsung + Sound Lounge by tBone

In Fall of 2018, Samsung and Sound Lounge by tBone formed a relationship to work on sound for ongoing and upcoming projects. 3 Samsung representatives traveled from their offices around the world to Saskatoon to test our facility for this work. With all noise floor and frequency delay time measurements surpassed, the relationship began and we’ve been doing ongoing work together ever since. We value that relationship, and the relationship we have with all of our clients.

Big or small, you are important to us.


“tBone has been a great partner and addition to our Chamber events. Both his attitude and skill-set are top notch. Would highly recommend him if you need someone who is going to take your events to the next level!”

Darla Lindbjerg

Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce

“My go to audio guy! Never disappointed and always a treat to work with!”

Sarah Longpre

Saskatoon Pole and Dance Studio

“tBone has very experienced ears and he knows how to give his customers great production with a bit of an edge that is hard to describe. He pays attention to details. Working with tBone is always artistically satisfying and personally enjoyable.”

Bruce Wilkinson

Pippin Technical

“No matter the occasion tBone can ensure that you have the right music. He is a gifted musician and very professional as well as easy to work with! He truly loves what he does and it shows! Thank you for all you have done for our upcoming event!”

Anna Maton

Mending Little Hearts Fund of Saskatchewan

“I am currently working on my fifth project with tBone! He is absolutely amazing to work with, from idea conception to completion and beyond, everything always runs smoothly! I love his ability to feel out the project and then let it blossom through exploration of different options, to allow the finished project to reach its greatest potential! I will definitely have many more projects in the future with this guy! Thanks for your hard work and talent!!”

Aurora Rose

Recording Artist

“tBone is the best audio engineer in the city, not just for his skill, but because he’s a delightful person to collaborate with. We’ve done video audio mixes together, soundtracks, radio commercials, and a podcast. He’s recorded audio on-location / on-set and it’s always way ahead of the game, works fast, and with a big smile. Love tBone, can’t recommend him enough!”

Joshua Baker


“tBone is a world-class audio engineer and a world-class guy. I worked with tBone for the better part of a year to produce the Conquer Local Podcast, a show that we were able to propel to the top of the iTunes business charts by year end. We had a lot of laughs, created a ton of great content, and no-matter what, tBone always went above and beyond to deliver.”

Brock Andony


“Recently recorded a song at the Sound Lounge. tBone has great energy and expertise with all areas of production. It was a comfortable and amazing experience and I was thrilled with the final result. Will definitely be back!!”

Myrna Kanigan

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