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Samsung + Sound Lounge by tBone

In Fall of 2018, Samsung and Sound Lounge by tBone formed a relationship to work on sound for ongoing and upcoming projects. 3 Samsung representatives traveled from their offices around the world to Saskatoon to test our facility for this work. With all noise floor and frequency delay time measurements surpassed, the relationship began and we’ve been doing ongoing work together ever since. We value that relationship, and the relationship we have with all of our clients.

Big or small, you are important to us.


“I am currently working on my fifth project with tBone! He is absolutely amazing to work with, from idea conception to completion and beyond, everything always runs smoothly! I love his ability to feel out the project and then let it blossom through exploration of different options, to allow the finished project to reach its greatest potential! I will definitely have many more projects in the future with this guy! Thanks for your hard work and talent!!”

Aurora Rose

Recording Artist

“Recently recorded a song at the Sound Lounge. tBone has great energy and expertise with all areas of production. It was a comfortable and amazing experience and I was thrilled with the final result. Will definitely be back!!”

Myrna Kanigan

“tBone is so talented and professional and always delivers the best product. I highly recommend him for all audio needs.” “tBone is an excellent sound man & has worked with our 200 voice choir over the past few years. He is very professional & loves what he does. He makes our choir sound balanced, even when some sections outnumber other sections. This allows our audience to enjoy the best musical experience possible. Thank you tBone, for doing what you do, while putting up with all of us!!”

Donna Johnson

Joy of Vox

“I pretty much gave tBone nothing to work with and within 24 hours, he gave me a beautifully crafted piece that delivered not only everything I had wanted, but what I didn’t know was possible. And also the candy situation in the studio is on point :).”

Hoda Abouguendia

“My go to audio guy! Never disappointed and always a treat to work with!”

Sarah Longpre

Saskatoon Pole and Dance Studio

“Had a last minute voice-over that I needed in a rush and Sound Lounge by tBone came through - not only being able to accommodate my request, but also delivering a top-notch audio track, like he always does. I've worked with him for years and would gladly and heartily recommend tBone and his professionalism anytime to anyone.”

Scott Nicholls

Ganarly Films

“If you want heart & soul attached to your project not to mention crystal clear audio, Sound Lounge is a must. I'm blown away by the attention to detail that is always present when you work with tBone. As an artist you want to know your project is in safe hands and I can tell you from personal experience, you will never feel safer.”

Stephen Maguire

Recording Artist

“I recently worked with tBone from the Sound Lounge when producing an awareness video for the Lows in Motion Parkinson’s “Shaker” event. He was a dream to work with! From the idea conception, to recording the video and finally working his magic in the studio, tBone was a PRO! For any sound needs I'd contract tBone in a heartbeat.”

Travis Low

Blue Moose Media

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